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The Stack It Bundle is our bestseller Bali Bracelet now in a bundle. You get 3x Bali Bracelet. Share it with a friend or stack it up. 

Bali Bracelet is a simple and classic cuff with a touch of exotic floral detailing. On the back, it has a click-lock that can be installed into three sizes; S, M, L. All jewellery are ocean-friendly.

SKU GP0001
Material Gold plated 
Color Gold
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Bali Bracelet was made to give the classic gold cuff a tropical twist. As we love the ocean and coral reefs we have visited a few tropical countries, to go explore their underwater world. We founded VANDAYA after a diving trip to Bali, but it wasn't the underwater world that was the linking part of the trip, it was Plumeria flowers. Every time we went to stay at a new hotel we were overwhelmed with more beautiful Plumeria flower trees just outside our windows and Plumeria flower decorations in our room. As we have explored other countries to go diving, Plumeria flowers have followed us on our journey and the flower has become a welcoming symbol we see as a welcome to our new temporary tropical home. 

All our products are ocean-friendly as they are ethically produced, shipped in 100% plastic-free and compostable mailers, and support coral reef restoration. 

For every piece of purchased jewellery, 3€ will be donated to our coral reef restoration partner who will plant corals and rebuild our precious coral reefs on your behalf. 


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