50 things to do while in quarentine/ lock down

Since most of us are in quarantine, why not make the best of it? Now we have the time to do all the little things we have postponed for so long like tidying up the closet or painting the kitchen or being creative. Don't pretend to be bored, we have collected 50 things you can do while in quarentine:

1 Spa day. Take some time for yourself, find your favorite sheet masks, foot scrub and hair mask, it will make you feel fresh, clean, relaxed and ready for a new beginning. 

2 Reading one of the books in your pile that you really would like to finish but just can't find the time for, under normal circumstances.

3 Boardgames with your loved ones. If you are not quarentined alone, you can find your old, dusty boardgames, make a cup of tea, put away your phones and enjoy each others company.

4 Collage. Find your old magazines and cut out pictures that inspire you, have beautiful colors on them or show places you want to go. Make a collage board for inspiration, decorate a shoebox with a collage for a better esthetic or make christmas cards from your magazine cutouts. 

5 Declutter your wardrobe, if you haven't used your clothes within one year (all seasons) there is a small chance you ever will. Donate it or sell it online. 

6 Cleaning. There is so much time to make every surface shine, from the inside of your microoven to the outside of your windows. Now is the perfect time to make every surface shine. 

7 Bake. If you also love baking now is the time to work on your baking skills. Practice your baking techniques so you get them all right. 

8 Movie marathon. Marathon all your favorite series and movies. Put on all the  Harry Potter movies and enjoy with your newly baked banana bread (from point 7). We can reccomand Unstoppable on Netflix, you can watch the trailer here.

9 Call your parents, grandparents and everyone isolated on their own. Make sure to call your loved ones and make sure they are okay during these times. 

10 Fitness. Since you can't go to the gym, you can make your own at home. Fill some water bottles and use as weights and use a fitness matt or a towel to make a routine on the floor. The internet is filled with high content workout videos and live home workout sessions. 

11 Long walks. If you are not located in a close inhabited area, you can set your alarm clock and go for a long walk every morning. Bring headphones, turn on your favorite music or podcast and move your body for a few hours, you will feel great. 

12 Cook a lovely dinner for your quarentine. You finally have the time to be in the kitchen for hours, spend your time well. 

13 Shop from your favorite local small shops to help them through this crisis. 

14 Do you research. Now you have the time to learn more about topics you have always wanted to look more into.

15 Plan plan plan. Plan an upcoming birthday, a dinner party or a vacation, go ahead of planning to relief yourself ahead for when this crisis is over.

16 Practice. Is there something you have always wanted to be able to do? Do the split? Do a handstand? Whistle? Time to go into practice mode. 

17 Take a looong bath

18 Practice your yoga poses, you have time to really go deep into your poses and come out a better yogi. 

19 Draw. Fill in a mandala book, draw on a blank piece of paper or find an app. It is relaxing and boosts your creativity.

20 Listen to your favorite music. Explore new music and update your playlists.  

21 Go down memory lane, find your old photo albums and go back to all the amazing memories of your life.

22 Put on your favorite podcast. There are so many great podcasts out there about female entrepreneurship, traveling, lifestyle and more. Find your favorite topic and get going. 

23 Ever thought of blogging og becoming an entrepreneur? Now is the time try it out and start making your dreams become your reality. 

24 Redecorate your space. Tired of looking at those white walls or that old chair in the corner? Maybe it's time to redecorate your space. You can order all you need to decorate your space online and you can even sell og give away your old items through online secondhand apps. 

25 Make a gratitude list. Take a moment every day, when you wake up or before you go to bed, and list 3 things you are grateful for today. 

26 Always wanted to learn Spanish, Chinese or Arabic? Use your time well, there are so many apps and websites for learning new languages like duolingo. Start today and see where it will bring you.

27 Update your CV so you are ready to take on the world. 

28 Start meal prepping. You now have the time to make it a habit and it can give you a lot of extra time when you return to your normal routine. 

29 Tak care of your finances and make a budget for yourself. 

30 Plants. Take good care of your green friends, bring in new ones to the family and plant new seeds. 

31 Collect inspiring pictures at pinterest, Instagram or weheartit. 

32 Laundry time. Do the laundry, flatiron your shirts and make your closet spot free. 

33 Make a bucket list. Reflect on your goals and get ready to achieve them. 

34 Sign up for one of the many online classes there are at the moment. 

35 Clean up your mail subscriptions. Take of stress and make sure to unsubscribe from emails you no longer want to receive. 

36 Go all into DIY, there are numerous blog posts, youtube videos and more on how to do crafts. 

37 Go through social media and clean out old posts, followers and followings. Make sure they make you happy and give you that extra feel good felling. 

38 Go through your phone and computer and clean it from screenshots and old files you do not need to keep. 

39 Make a travel bucket list of where you want to go. 

40 If you don't already have it, make a savings account.

41 Look up what sunscreens are reef safe, so you will be ready for summer and can protect your skin and coral reefs. 

42 Support where it matters. Find a project that you really like and support them any way you can. 

43 Do face time karaoke with your friends. 

44 Meditate. If you are stressing about all the extra time on your hands, try to meditate, you might love it so much that you will make it a part of your future routine. 

45 Send a letter to someone you care for. 

46 Find an online forum where you can chat with and cheer up people who are lonely during these times. 

47 Send flowers to someone you care about.

48 Spend a day in bed. If you need it, take it. 

49 Watch your water intake and get better at drinking enough water. 

50 Shop VANDAYA <3 


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