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Fiji Shark Necklace

Our story

Ocean friendly jewellery

Our aspiration is to create magical, long lasting jewellery pieces without adding to the pressure on our planet. We use recycled and ethicallly sourced materials, ship plastic free and have made it our mission to help rebuild our planets coral reefs.

With a background in shark and ocean conservation, our founder Amalie wanted to make people fall in love with our oceans through ocean inspired jewellery, creating danish designs with a tropical twist.

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We plant corals with every order

coral reef restoration

The world has lost 50% of its coral reefs, and by 2050 we will only have 10% left if we don't take action. Help us rebuild the ocean's coral reefs, one piece of jewellery at a time.



Story time

Fiji Shark Necklace

Years ago, while working on a shark conservation project in Fiji, our founder Amalie discovered a bull shark tooth lying on the sandy bottom during an early morning dive. She kept the tooth, inspiring her to create a shark tooth necklace not harmful to sharks. She created a mold from the shark tooth she found, which could be crafted into a timeless jewellery piece capturing her Fiji memories and a piece to be worn by other shark and ocean lovers.

Vandaya journal

Oceano Martina interview - Giving the ocean a voice

Oceano Martina interview - Giving the ocean a voice

We have had the pleasure of interviewing Martina Alvarez, whom we really look up to. Martina is known on Instagram as @oceanomartina and is an ocean conservationist. Through journalism and scuba di...

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Sharks in the Bahamas in crystal clear water. Learn more about gold shark tooth necklaces in this blog post.

6 facts about shark teeth you probably didn't know

Shark tooth jewelry have long been worn by Island folks, sailers and surfers in the belief that it will protect them at sea. According to a Hawaiian legend a young Hawaiian warrior once battled a ...

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Fiji Travel Guide

Fiji Travel Guide

  When going to a new country, a basic language guide always comes in handy. Below you can learn your basic Fijian: Note that in Fiji "d" is pronounced "nd" so the city Nadi is pronounced N...

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