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  • Everything you need to know about shark tooth necklaces

    Shark tooth necklaces have been worn for centuries. They are not only a popular fashion statement, but also hold symbolic meaning and have played the leading part in many myths.   Sharks have lived for 400M years and have evolved into the ultimate ocean predator. Sharks are distributed all across... View Post
  • 50 things to do while in quarentine/ lock down

    Since most of us are in quarantine, why not make the best of it? Now we have the time to do all the little things we have postponed for so long like tidying up the closet or painting the kitchen or being creative. Don't pretend to be bored, we have collected 50 things you can do while in quarenti... View Post
  • 8 easy lifestyle choices you can make to help save the ocean

    Why do we need to save our oceans?  Our Oceans cover 71% of the planet's surface and are not just home to an important diversity of species: they regulate our climate. Yet this ecosystem is in danger—and we all know it! We see the damage caused by human behaviour on the beaches, in documentaries... View Post
  • Vandaya muse Alexandra Costeau

    When the name Cousteau is spoken, it might be the legendary Jacques Yves Cousteau and his way of exploring the ocean that comes to mind. This blog post is not dedicated to Jacques, but another Cousteau who has caught the world’s attention and set a positive footprint on this planet: Alexandra Cou... View Post
  • Iconic ocean photoshoots

    As you probably have noticed, we are ocean lovers. We always go to the ocean for inspiration, and so does some of the worlds most famous fashion photographers. We have collected some of the most iconic photo shoots, taking place in or near the ocean.  1  Gisele Bündchen for CHANEL  Gisele Bünd... View Post
  • VANDAYA MUSE Sylvia Earle - Her Deepness

    There are some people in this world, that have accomplished so much that you can't help but be astonished when you hear their story. We believe that Sylvia Earle most definitely is one of those people, read her story below: Sylvia Alice Earle was born in 1935 in New Jersey. She is an American m... View Post
  • Rome travel guide - 4 days in Rome

    We had the pleasure of visiting the romantic capitol of Italy, Rome. The compact city filled with monuments from various times in History, amazing restaurants and a culture of outdoor living, is a must visit and has something to offer all ages.    Where to eat in Rome  Italy is know for its ru... View Post
  • We have been featured on

    PRESS    We have been featured on read their blog post below:   HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD WITHOUT BEING AN ACTIVIST There is a fairly simple antidote to the guilt we feel when we see people spilling out into the streets, raising banners and attempting to topple the existing order ... View Post


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