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  • VANDAYA MUSE Sylvia Earle - Her Deepness

    There are some people in this world, that have accomplished so much that you can't help but be astonished when you hear their story. We believe that Sylvia Earle most definitely is one of those people, read her story below: Sylvia Alice Earle was born in 1935 in New Jersey. She is an American m... View Post
  • Rome travel guide - 4 days in Rome

    We had the pleasure of visiting the romantic capitol of Italy, Rome. The compact city filled with monuments from various times in History, amazing restaurants and a culture of outdoor living, is a must visit and has something to offer all ages.    Where to eat in Rome  Italy is know for its ru... View Post
  • We have been featured on

    PRESS    We have been featured on read their blog post below:   HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD WITHOUT BEING AN ACTIVIST There is a fairly simple antidote to the guilt we feel when we see people spilling out into the streets, raising banners and attempting to topple the existing order ... View Post
  • 5 danish globetrotters we can't get enough of

    January and February, is to us, a time where we like to make ideas come alive. A new year has begun with new goals and dreams. Beginning a new year can give just the amount of change you need to kick those bad habits and revaluate where your life is going and where you would like it to go. And mo... View Post
  • Mathilde Kofod X South Africa

    Holiday babe Mathilde Kofod has been a trip to South Africa with her favorite Vandaya jewelry. The result became a spectacular series of pictures from the South African nature.  Follow Mathildes instagram here Jewelry: Simone Bangle  Shark tooth bracelet  Raquel Tassel Bangle S... View Post
  • Monikh Dale X Greece, Part II

    Second part of this series is from holiday babe Monikh Dale, she has been in Elounda on Kreta, Greece with a selection of jewelry from designer Marte Frisnes. Did you not see part 1, fin the beautiful pictures here.  Read more about Monikhs hourney here and follow her instagram her... View Post
  • Monikh Dale X Greece, Part I

    Holiday Monikh Dale has been in Elounda on Kreta, Greece with a selection of jewelry from Marte Frisnes. Find inspiration for your next holiday outfit below. Read more about Monikhs journey here and follow her Instagram here. Photo credit: View Post
  • Lea Hvidt X Vandaya (Danish)

    Lea Hvidt Kessler Blog Post  Lea Hvidt Kessler har skrevet et blogindlæg om smykker, men ikke bare smykker, vores smykker og hendes forlovelsesring. Læs hendes indlæg nedenfor: Stop lige op her engang! Og tjek så lige mine fine nye armbånd! Egentlig går jeg ikke rigtig med smykker. Jeg ved fa... View Post


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