Iconic ocean photoshoots

As you probably have noticed, we are ocean lovers. We always go to the ocean for inspiration, and so does some of the worlds most famous fashion photographers. We have collected some of the most iconic photo shoots, taking place in or near the ocean. 

Gisele Bündchen for CHANEL 

Gisele Bündchen goes surfing for Chanel No 5. Watch the iconic supermodel in this campaign video.


Annabella Barber for Harper's Bazaar 

Photographer Simon Lekias 
Harper's Bazaar, January 2013
Yet another time a CHANEL surfboard steels the show. This time crystal clear turquoise water is the contrast to the black surfboard and black swimsuits and the beautiful Annabella Barber.  




Vogue Italia - oil spill fashion shoot 

Photographer Steven Meisel 
This dramatic photo series was inspired by an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The shoot started a heated debate about glamorizing an issue like this. The magazine thought of it as their artistic way of addressing the issue and it most certainly caught the medias attention. See some of the pictures below:


Annabella Barber for Harper's Bazaar 

Photographer Simon Lekias 
Harper's Bazaar, December 2012
Another magic ocean shoot with Anabella Barber, Simon Lekias and Harper's Bazaar. This time Anabella is going for a swim in beautiful sequined swimsuits and evening wear.
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Amalie Marstrand and Team VANDAYA

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