Fiji Shark Necklace


Ocean-friendly silver shark tooth necklace with a plain chain and a silver shark tooth pendant. According to Hawaiian culture, shark tooth necklaces are said to protect you when at sea, it will protect coral reefs in Indonesia as we donate 3€ to coral reef restoration for every piece of jewellery sold.  

Chain length: 50-55cm 

Silver shark tooth pendant: 2cm 

SKU GP0002

Recycled 925 silver chain and

recycled 925 silver plaited, stainless steel pendant

Color Silver
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Note: This shark tooth necklace contains no real shark tooth and is safe for sharks. 

An early morning some years ago, our founder Amalie who at the time worked on a shark conservation project in Fiji, went diving. On this particular dive, she found a little treasure to bring back to the surface. In a part of the reef with a sandy bottom, Amalie found a large bull shark tooth lying on top of the sand in a ray of sunlight. During her time in Fiji, she learned about the shark trade and that many sharks are killed for their teeth as well as their fins, skin, and oily livers. Unfortunately, many tourists are supporting the killing of sharks when purchasing shark tooth jewelry made from real teeth. Amalie decided years later to create a shark tooth necklace that would not harm any sharks but just portray their beauty. We created a mold from the tooth that she found, many years ago while diving, so that her memories of Fiji could be cast eternally into a necklace. 

This is the ultimate gift for an ocean lover, surfer girl, or someone who loves sharks.

All our products are ocean-friendly as they are ethically produced, shipped in 100% plastic-free and compostable mailers, and support coral reef restoration. 

For every piece of purchased jewellery, 3€ will be donated to our coral reef restoration partner who will plant corals and rebuild our precious coral reefs on your behalf. 

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Jindřiška Zajacová
A beautiful product and a great service.

Love my silver shark tooth necklace. And And the staff was very kind correcting my typo in my order. Would shop here again!

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