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Bali Bracelet - VandayaBali Bracelet - Vandaya
Bali Bracelet Sale price$88.00 USD
Sold outFiji Shark Necklace Gold - VandayaFiji Shark Necklace Gold - Vandaya
Fiji Shark Necklace Gold Sale price$132.00 USD
Save 35%Moorea Coral Necklace - VandayaMoorea Coral Necklace - Vandaya
Moorea Coral Necklace Sale price$74.00 USD Regular price$114.00 USD
Laguna Earrings | Kelp - VandayaLaguna Earrings | Kelp - Vandaya
Laguna Earrings | Kelp Sale priceFrom $52.00 USD
Ibiza Star & Moon Ring - VandayaIbiza Star & Moon Ring - Vandaya
Ibiza Star & Moon Ring Sale price$88.00 USD
Sold outBora Bora Necklace - VandayaBora Bora Necklace - Vandaya
Bora Bora Necklace Sale price$114.00 USD
Sold outFiji Shark Necklace Silver - VandayaFiji Shark Necklace Silver - Vandaya
Fiji Shark Necklace Silver Sale price$103.00 USD
Palau Necklace - VandayaPalau Necklace - Vandaya
Palau Necklace Sale price$96.00 USD
VANDAYA Gift Card - VandayaVANDAYA Gift Card - Vandaya
VANDAYA Gift Card Sale priceFrom $7.31 USD
Honolulu Chunky Hoops - VandayaHonolulu Chunky Hoops - Vandaya
Honolulu Chunky Hoops Sale priceFrom $66.00 USD
Oahu Hoops - VandayaOahu Hoops - Vandaya
Oahu Hoops Sale priceFrom $74.00 USD
Waikiki Bracelet - VandayaWaikiki Bracelet - Vandaya
Waikiki Bracelet Sale price$22.00 USD
Avea Pearl Necklace - VandayaAvea Pearl Necklace - Vandaya
Avea Pearl Necklace Sale price$366.00 USD
Tahiti Pearl Necklace - VandayaTahiti Pearl Necklace - Vandaya
Tahiti Pearl Necklace Sale price$176.00 USD
Save 25%The Midnight Bundle - VandayaThe Midnight Bundle - Vandaya
The Midnight Bundle Sale price$132.00 USD Regular price$176.00 USD
Save 30%Stack It Bundle - VandayaStack It Bundle - Vandaya
Stack It Bundle Sale price$185.00 USD Regular price$264.00 USD
Save 25%The Sunshine Bundle - VandayaThe Sunshine Bundle - Vandaya
The Sunshine Bundle Sale price$132.00 USD Regular price$176.00 USD
Sold outSave 25%The Vacation Bundle - VandayaThe Vacation Bundle - Vandaya
The Vacation Bundle Sale price$132.00 USD Regular price$176.00 USD


The ocean's coral reefs are disappearing at an alarming rate, but hope is not out. With a helping hand, we can help recover the destructed habitats and regrow the reefs much faster than they would have naturally. Join our mission and help ud rebuild the ocean's coral reefs. With every purchased piece of jewellery we plant corals in Northern Bali.

Meet our partner

Planting corals with Metamorfosa, Bali

Located in Sumberkima Bay in Northern Bali, our coral reef restoration partner Metaorfosa is ready to plant corals for each piece of VANDAYA jewellery sold. Together we can rebuild the reefs.


Coral reef restoration

The world has lost 50% of its coral reefs, and by 2050 we will only have 10% left if we don't take action. Together with our partners we restore the reefs for every piece of jewellery purchased.



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