Seashell Anklet

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Please note: This is NOT a VANDAYA product, and not of our quality standards

Some years back we visited Thailand to do a photo shoot. When in Thailand, on one of the islands we visited, we were gifted a lot of seashell bracelets and anklets from a local family who had a small beach shop of handmade goods. 

We have been giving the bracelets and anklets to friends and family but have been very unsure of what to do with the rest of the bracelets and anklets as we can not sell them or discard them. We, therefore, thought that we would gift the rest to our Vandaya family.

If you would like a free seashell bracelet or anklet, feel free to add one to your cart. You are welcome to share with friends and family who could also be interested in one. 

Limited availability

Only one anklet OR bracelet per person. If more are added to the cart, we will choose one anklet or bracelet for you. 

SHIPPING - Please note that if this item is the only product in the cart, the item will be shipped by post as a "non-traceable letter". 

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